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My Butterfly


“My Butterfly”  is a brand new collection of original works by Don Boland. A unique diversity of jazz chord structures, rhythmic variation and singable melodies. The combination of syncopated rhythm and the poetic interplay of instrumental voices makes this a great listen! 

Featuring vocalists Renee Marquis and Jamiee Paul whose musical delivery is so alluring and soulful. The contribution of musicians Scott Mansfield, Mike Herriot, Sam Levine, and Danny Weis make the album melodically exceptional. 

My Butterfly.jpg

Vocalist... Renee Marquis / Jaimee Paul
Saxophone/Flute... Sam Levine
Trumpet/FlugelHorn/Trombone... Mike Herriott
Drums... Scott Mansfield
Guitar... Danny Weis/Don Boland
Bass/Bass Guitar... Mike Herriot/Don Boland
Piano/Keyboards... Don Boland
Drum Programming... Don Boland *

Recorded at Bo-Jingle Creative Productions/ Record Time Productions/
DogHouse Studios/ Denny Martin Music/ Sam Levine Studio/ Danny Weis Studio

Engineered by Kevin Pinhorn/ Denny Martin/ Sam Levine/ Mike Herriot/

Danny Weis/ Rick Hollet / Don Boland
Mastered by Robert Kelly at Record Time Productions
Produced/Arranged & Mixed by Don Boland

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